Western NY photographer offering in studio and on site services.

My name is Gary and I want to thank you for taking the time to look around.

I feel it is important to have a good rapport between all parties involved to achieve the best possible outcome! So here are a few facts about me:

  • Capturing a special moment for eternity just provides a rush like no other. I so often leave a session wired and wanting more.
  • Always striving for the best shot possible. Just when I think I am almost there I realize that I will never be there. Photography is a constant learning process. Glad to be a life-long learner!
  • You can say photography is in my blood. My father taught photography at the collegiate level. So when I was a boy I would spend hours with one of his cameras and then plenty more time in the dark room developing black and white images, trying to learn the techniques of photography.
  • Passion is necessary to enjoy your profession and succeed. (Thankfully I have passion for two very different professions!)
  • When the camera is not in my hand I am playing the role of Professor of Biology.
  • Doesn't believe a person can only be good with the 'right side' or 'left side' of the brain.
  • Thinking and boxes just do not go together; the only thing I can think of a box for is to stand on it for a better shot!

Feel free to give me a call (716) 589-0889 or send me an email Gary@GlaserStudios.com