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Tarra & Saleem - The Columns

June 11, 2018  •  5 Comments

After a little delay the day got rolling and the smiles started flowing!  You can tell everyone is having fun when you see the young, the old and everyone in between smiling and crying.  While this day was long over due from what I was told it was done the right way and showed who Tarra and Saleem are at heart.



Shekema & Paul Cunningham(non-registered)
The pictures are gorgeous. I hope they remain in your hearts for all time.
Phyllis Harvey(non-registered)
Congratulations!!! You all are beautiful. I love all the background shots. You looked so pretty! Happy tears!
Great shots of such an amazingly beautiful event! I look forward to viewing even more pics in the near future. Congratulations again Saleem & Tarra!

p.s. Whomever posted the "Hunters" comment is hilarious. LOL!
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hunter. Beautiful pictures
Roscoe Photos(non-registered)
BEAUTIFUL Shots from the father of the GROOM. You guys were GREAT!!
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